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Yoga has its origins in India and was originally designed for men - its interesting these days that the majority of Yoga Teachers are female.

Phil decided that he would do his bit for mankind and try and get more men interested in yoga.

I would encourage you that the time on your mat is YOUR time - its a time for not only exercising the body, stretching the limbs and muscles but also can be a time for reflection destressing, calming the nervous system and releasing tensions built up over time.

Our Asana practice which is a series of simple but effective physical exercises for the body can also lead to opening up the mind to life enhancing ideas.

It can also lead you to ponder lifes mysteries and bring a real sense of calm. Living in this modern world leads to much stress - Yoga can undo all that tension and let you unwind.

Lots of people are "finding" yoga and its benefits for the first time - I called my style of Yoga - My Glorious Yoga because thats what it means to me - let us help you find your glorious yoga too.

Click here to edit text Coming soon - Online Yoga classes - see our Instagram or Facebook pages @mygloriousyoga for details